Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trying homeschooling

So, after doing a ton of research, I wanted to do a test run of working one on one with my kids homeschooling style. This week is perfect for us to do a little bit because my son is on spring break from school. Last summer, I worked with my son a lot on stuff that I thought he was behind on, specifically penmanship. He got so much better, that we were able to move on to beginning addition, and even counting money.

When he began kindgarten this year, he tested first grade level in everything, and his math skills were almost second grade level. Despite my efforts, they kept him in kindergarten instead of putting him in first grade because he has behavioral/social issues. He's just high energy in my book.

So this morning, we did some worksheets I found online, more of a continuation to what he's already doing in school. We worked on money, addition, subtraction, and graphing. This afternoon, we'll be doing some science, talking about plants, plant parts and such. I love doing this with him. I love spending time with him, and discovering things with him. I looked forward to this week having him home. I miss him while he's at school.

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We even got little sister in on the act. Working on her letters and letter sounds this morning was alot of fun. She resisted it at first, but with alot of positive reinforcement, she began enjoying working on her letters. She did really well for her first time, tracing the letters. Even talked about beginning sounds of the words and matching them up with the right letters.

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My fear of homeschooling is the commitment, and the responsibility of messing my kids up. I love sitting down with them, and I think that every child benefits from this kind of interaction from their parents. I have my degree in music education, and I think if I have a curriculum to go by, or a map of the year, I'd be ok. I want to take the leap, but for me it's really scarey. I've seen homeschooling go really well, and I've also seen it go really wrong. More soon!


  1. There are so many resources on the internet and if you have a local homeschooling support group, even better. There are tons of curriculum choices, materials readily available online and so much to choose from. And we really can't do worse by our kids than the public schools in my opinion. I say jump in and give it a try. As with most people, we took our first year as a trial run to "see if it would work out." Now, after three years, I am committed for the long run and plan on continuing through high school. Good luck!

  2. daughter is looking into homeschooling if you have any great tips or sites would love to see them

  3. My first stop if you're beginning to look into homeschooling would be finding out state laws.

  4. I also have two websites I use regularly. I'm not officially homeschooling yet, so these probably should just be used along with a curriculum.

    Activity Village



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