Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back to Blogging

This fall has been tremendous. We have been so busy and my life has been so full that I have had no time to keep up with any kind of posting to this blog. I hope to change that, I always have good intentions.

So, what's been up. Well, in early October, we took a vacation to see family. My brother and his wife had their first baby, so we traveled south. Our first stop was at my husband's brother's house in Alabama. We stayed there for a week, before heading to Florida. From Alabama to Florida we stopped to see as many friends as we could. We had lunch with friends in Tallahassee, stayed with my dear friend in Hernando Beach before heading out to Del Ray Beach. On our way back home, we saw a friend in St. Augustine, and visited his candle shop.

It was a refreshing break, but made me realize one very important thing about myself. I am a Virginia girl. When I got back home, the trees were so beautiful. They had really gone into the full change and the mountains just seemed to welcome me home. It was a beautiful vacation, the best kind seeing so many people I love that I don't get to see often. Perhaps I'll post some pictures, there are many great ones to pick from.

Sad news though on the home front. As tight as money has been lately, it will be getting worse. My husband was laid off from his job last week. Now our family is a statistic. We are part of that 10% of the unemployed. I have been working on a freelance basis, but it's not enough to support a family on, and it doesn't give us health insurance either. My fear is that this tough economy will split our family apart, forcing us to live separately to make ends meet. Hopefully though we'll just be able to make ends meet. Life is about to get harder then it ever has been for us. We'll have to toughen up I know, we've had an easy go at it so far.

Anyway, pictures to come of beautiful Florida and hot and sticky Alabama. Turkey day is coming too, so hopefully this will be another joyful time with family and friends. More soon.

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