Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

So...this is the third year my blog has been up and running on Earth Day.  It's hard to imagine I've been writing so long.  Today though isn't about me and my blog, it's about Earth Day and trying to maintain it's integrity.

So minus all the freebies people are giving out, and all the other crap that's going on.  I'd like to get to the real deal.  What changes are you going to make this year?  How are you going to do even better?  Eat less meat?  Start a garden?  Buy locally from a farmer if you're not good at growing food?  Recycle?  Be anal about your recycling??

What's the biggest change you've made in the last year?


  1. This year we are going to tackle water and energy consumption and also our hygiene products. Over the last year we really focused on waste reduction and green cleaners.

  2. Those sound like great changes Jen. I did the hygiene products a couple years ago. Switched to non-aluminum based deo for the B.O. I think this year will be my year for waste reduction. We've been recycling like mad, and now we're trying to re-use too.



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