Friday, August 28, 2009

Money Venting...

A while back, we had to make some adjustments to our lifestyle. I quit working as a public school teacher about almost three years ago. The last school year I taught was 2006-07. Despite what many people believe, teacher's make a pretty ok salary. And when I was bringing home around 45k a year, to have that gone was drastic.

I made up for it by freelancing and teaching privately, and I believe the income was comparable, until some more changes came about. I had to close an entire studio because of family changes. A torch had been passed that I feel most women bear as pillars of their family. My mom, our acting pillar was diagnosed with cancer, and thus, the torch was passed. I'm digressing.

This passed week, the last of my own private students told me they couldn't afford me anymore. While this saddened me for personal reasons, as I've grown very fond of this family, it also puts a serious clamp on our finances, as they paid me almost $500 bucks a month.

So my question is: How does one skim more off the top of an already skimmed budget?

Well, for starters, if we turned off our T.V. and land line telephone that would save us $95.33 a month. My cell phone is 75.49 a month, however we can't cut the land line and the cell phone. I've been paying 2.99 a month from Skype for long distance, and I believe I can get my old phone number transferred to Skype and remove the land line all together. We've been cheating on the not going out to eat thing just a little bit. We've been going out about once a weekend, trying to spend less then 30-40 when we do. That could potentially add up to 120 bucks savings. I already do all of my cooking from scratch at home. We don't buy processed foods for health and money reasons.

I'm spoiled being at home with my children. I love it. I answer to my heart, instead of a boss, and I know their lives are enriched because of it. Enough venting I suppose. I'm open to any ideas.

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  1. My husband and I have been there many times. In fact he has lost his job 3 times in our 6 years of marriage. We have also had workman's comp injuries that have seriously put us in financial ruin. Unlike the HappyHousewife we have been debt free and I was actually debt free for almost 15 years but now we are in skyrocketing debt and it is not getting any better. The biggest thing to remember is that when you die you can not take your debt or you wealth with you. We can not eat organic because there just is not the money. Last night my husband was diagnosed with pneumonia and the bills are adding up but we will survive. Make that your motto. "WE WILL SURVIVE!"



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